John ☆ he/him ☆ 33

About Me

Hello! My name is John. I am a 33 year old Puerto Rican guy living in Western New York (definitely not the city, haha). I can be extremely boring at best. I enjoy gaming, graphic making, cooking, reading, taking photos and I love to collect things (mainly lp records, cds, figures, and games that I find interesting).


At the moment?! I really don't know. Here's some things I like!

Games: metroid series (mainly metroid prime trilogy and super metroid), the legend of zelda series, kirby series, super mario series, Pokemon series, resident evil series (mainly re2, re1 remake, re0, re4, revelations and revelations 2), bayonetta, yakuza series

Anime: fire force, demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba, cells at work, kuroko's basketball, my hero academia, blue exorcist, mob psycho 100, sailor moon, kyokai no kanata, card captor sakura, golden kamuy, fate/series

Other: films (especially those from that criterion collection thingy the art/aesthetic folks love so much), cooking, music (at the moment, I am in a city pop kick, but it changes from time to time), reading, photography

Contact & Links

just some places if you want to contact me and other interesting stuff!

Discord: ieyasu#9010

Switch Friend Code: 3392-5132-7825

NDS Friend Code: 4571-3170-9789

PSN: ArcherNapoleon

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